Pastor Mike and Kristy's Sabbatical

Sabbatical is a practice of the Church to allow leaders time for spiritual, physical, and mental renewal. During this time Pastors Ryan Jolley and Amanda Sparrow will be leading the church. Throughout this time if you need a Pastor to visit, call, counsel, or other reasons please call either Ryan or Amanda. Do not call Mike, as he will be unable to answer anyways. Thank you for your support.

General Assembly Trip

Every four years the Church of the Nazarene gathers to conduct business, joins in worship services, and equips pastors and lay leaders. We at Trinity will take a group of people to go for a few days to get a glimpse at the workings of the the international Church. If you would like to know more information please email the church at

Piano and Guitar Recital

In the past 13+ weeks, the young people of Trinity and Glenncliff have practiced and learned guitar or piano. Join us at this recital to encourage their efforts and rejoice in their successful completion of the program.

Missionary Report

Last year we heard the call of a young lady going to a dangerous place to preach the Gospel. She is returning to the US and will give us a report on how God used her and others to impact the community around them.