Not as a Bondservant but as a Brother Philemon 1

The Kingdom is coming! This message of Christ rang through Galilee, as the Teacher and his disciples traveled. The Kingdom is here. The proclamation was heard, something  that which an entire nation had waited generations for was now upon them. But the Kingdom was not what they really wanted. The revolution did not begin or end with a call to arms but a call to go. They were not sent out with marching orders but with blessings. They were not sent to Rome to conquer or tear down the empire but in chains to proclaim Christ crucified. The kingdom came with a King but one that did not sit on a golden throne but a an old rugged cross. The kingdom is coming the Kingdom is here, but it didn't it doesn't work the way they thought or we think it should. There is a movement from the world’s way to God’s way and it often seems more than just a switching of ideas but shakes the very foundation of what it means to be human, religious, and even our identity as citizens within our countries and cultures.

Paul writes to a man who had all the rights and privileges to do whatever he wanted to a runaway slave. But Paul urges him not to do what was right by the world’s standards but to do what was appropriate by God’s kingdom. The smallest book in our Bible resounds a mighty large message. The Kingdom is coming the Kingdom is here, start living in it. Start treating others like God created them like Jesus loved them as only the Spirit can empower you to do.