September 2

Exodus 18:14

In this text Moses is questioned about his solitude in the work he is performing. God has called Moses to be some a great leader of this feed Hebrew slave group- that's no small task. Imagine being called to lead a group of newly freed people who has suffered years of oppression- these folks are going to have issues of all sorts.

We are not much different than this group of Hebrews, and we are not much different than Moses. We all have our own personal issues, we have communal issues in the Church, we have national issues, and we have just basic human issues. We are people with issues! Moses has his own issues-Moses is trying to be all that he understands God has called him to be, trying to do all the things he sees necessary to be done in order to lead successfully. Moses may have some issues with carrying too much responsibility on himself rather than equipping and resourcing others in the community to carry out certain roles. He might be a bit of a micro-manager, desiring to try and do all things himself in order to make sure they are done the way he wants them done. Moses may not be willing to allow others in the community to fulfill roles and take on tasks that he feels he can do "better"- he won't give others the chance to fail which means they don't have the chance to succeed. Let's not read too much into Moses' psyche here, but I think we get the point... We can all be like Moses, and we are all like the Hebrews (Moses being one of them). We are people with complex issues- issues that are personal and individual to ourselves and issues that are communal- systemic problems that might cause breaks in relationship.

The God of Moses is the God of us okay. We don't have to rest the demotion of the world, the salvation of the lost, and the sanctification of believers on our own shoulders, alone. We share communally with one another the responsibilities to do the work of God that he has called us to. But wait... Isn't salvation, redemption, recreation, and sanctification the work of God? Yes it is, but we are vial to his plan to seeing this gospel come to the world and in seeing the world transformed. The responsibility of all things does not sly on you and me,it belongs to God, but God invites us to participate in accomplishing the work that is his focus. We play a role in partners hint God to see about the Kingdom of God finding its way int the kingdoms of this world. Be faithful, serve God, work hard towards being and making disciples, take seriously the role you have in being a follower of Jesus Christ, but be relieved of the anxiety that comes with trying to do God's work or be God to everyone and everything. The bible in it entirety assures us that the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ. Be assured that God is in control and you don't have to be controlling. God can work with our issues, our weaknesses, and our insecurities and He can make them tools for his plan of salvation to the world. Lose control and let God be in control.