2 Chronicles 31:21

And in every work that he begun in the service of the house of God in the law and in the commandment, to seek his God, he did it will all his heart. So he prospered.

A short story- A young lady in Nashville, TN discovered the horrors of human trafficking, sex slavery, and child pornography that were taking place all across the southeastern United States. She became convinced that law enforcement could not rid the country of these evils apart from the help of citizens that would be vigilant about speaking out against it, advocating for services to help those affected, and being a watchful eye in the corners of the darkest places in society so to inform police. She felt the Holy Spirit of God was leading her to act but she was just about to start college. She planned to be a veterinarian and had dreams of a husband, children, and household. She was well on her way to the American dream, until that day. The day she answered God’s call, she left all those things behind and set out to be a voice, an advocate for the needy and oppressed, and a means of love that would sacrifice anything to see people delivered from their hell of sex slavery. She left her plans behind, moved into an apartment near where suspected trafficking activity was taking place, took a job at the local bar- a bar known for catering to some that were suspected of links to organized sex slavery. After a year of immersing herself into the work she felt God had called her, she got in too deep. She had discovered lots of information on many people that were at the center of Nashville’s human trafficking problem.

She handed all her information over the police, but she never saw anything come from it. She saw the same activity for another year until she became discouraged by her efforts of intelligence and decided to begin advocating in the non-profit and political realm. She secured a position with a non-profit that served women that had come out of sex slavery and invested in that work. After five years working in the same office of the non-profit, she saw a familiar face on the TV. Police had arrested one of her former contacts along with approximately 30 others. She knew many of them and knew the relationships they had with one another. As the police chief addressed the media, he said: “The arrest of these individuals is the result of seven years investigative work that was tipped off by information provided by a citizen of this town”.

Prosperity is often missed by its recipients. We often attach it to monetary gain, degrees, accomplishments, and the acquisition of goals and dreams. Prosperity comes to those that seek the Lord’s call in their life. The lady in this story was prosperous. She sought out what God was calling her to do and did it unto the Lord. She forewent all her ambitions and dreams, laid it all aside, and followed God into the darkest places of hell on earth. Living in a run down apartment, working at a bar, and experiencing the hardships that come with living a faithful response to God’s call- there, she experienced prosperity. Her efforts were down out of God’s love for this world and those that inhabit it. Her work was not created by herself but was work that was done on behalf of a God that goes into the dark places of life and the world. Without money, prestige, or public recognition for her actions, she was prosperous.We must guard our hearts from being and doing certain things in anticipation of a return from God- bartering our efforts for returns that resemble success and calling it blessing from God. Jesus was prosperous, not after his resurrection but through his journey to the cross and into death. Maybe the key to prosperity is not seeking anything but the will of God. Maybe achieving prosperity is living nothing other than that will of God out in your life. Maybe prosperity has nothing to do with achievement and accomplishment and has everything to do with selfless love and commitment to Christ Jesus.