What do you have? Acts 3

The disciples and followers of Christ had received the gift of the Holy Spirit. They continued to meet, pray, and fellowship. At this point they were still somewhat welcomed at the Temple and could preach and share about this emerging sect of Judaism. “Jesus whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead” has became their mantra. “This God is willing to forgive” has become their invitation. The people however are still reacting like they did with Jesus. They see the miracles but are reluctant to follow. However something is about to happen. The world is about to be introduced to a man who will shift the course of the followers of the Way. No it's not Saul or even the High Priest. It is a lame man who’s healing will spark the aggression of the religious leaders and ultimately Rome. Not knowing the coming storm, Peter and John go to the Temple to pray. I wonder what went through Peter’s head as he sees the man asking for money. Surely there had been tons before who had begged maybe he had already given to some, but now there was something different. He saw the man through eyes transformed by the Spirit of God, he saw not only a man needing immediate aid but a transformed life. Peter speaks of what he does not have, really a poor fisherman turned preacher doesn't have a lot in his wallet. A hot headed fisherman turned hot headed preacher really doesn't have the patience to think through a side quest when his goal is to go to the temple and pray. It had to have been the Spirit who says stop and give. So Peter and John think what do we have. What do we have? What do you have? They had the Spirit of God they had the strength and healing of the Christ who called them to go and do more. They had more than they needed because they had the author of everything. The had no idea what having only the Spirit would lead them. Peter had no idea that having only the Spirit would lead him to death. John had no idea the having only the Spirit would lead him to exile. Having only the Spirit led them in amazing places deadly places hard places.So having only the Spirit transformed the life of the disciples it transformed the lives of the beggar and his family. The Holy Spirit transformed the lives of all those in the Temple it transformed the course of the Jewish faith transformed the trajectory of the Church and ultimately the world. So what do you have? What do you only have?