Acts 9 & 10


Saul was going on his way. Doing what he usually did, persecuting. Then BAM out of nowhere light burst from the sky and a voice calls to him. Peter was sitting there waiting. Doing what he usually did, praying. Then BAM out of nowhere a sheet descends from the sky and a voice calls out to him. Saul and Peter up to this point seem so different. Saul was a well educated man in a highly esteemed position. Peter was a fisherman with no real formal education. Saul was working within the religious elite to establish order and structure to their faith. Peter was outside of the organized system spreading these weird stories about a man named Jesus. Saul was calculated, Peter was rambunctious. Saul knew for sure that he knew what it meant to be a disciple of God. Peter was convinced of the same. So maybe not so different? Saul’s zeal led him to hating these Christians, Peter’s zeal led him to ignoring the commision. They thought they knew that they had it figured out, but it took a encounter with the true God to make them see differently. They were falling into a very easy sin for the religious. Often we feel that we have to defend God, our theology, and doctrines. And don’t misunderstand me we need to know and speak clearly about those things and there are times to say no that is not what we believe, but the sin is thinking that we in our intellect or knowledge or purity of faith can decide what is right (life giving) and what is wrong (life taking). Saul thought these followers were blasphemers, Peter thought these foreigners were outside of grace. And both encounter a God who continually says this is what goodness rightness righteousness means: to love me entirely and to love others unfailingly. God is faithful to use his people and He is faithful to remind and reprimand them when they fail to be that which they were called to be.