This past Church season we have been singing songs that remind us of the grace given to us through the sacrifice of Christ. Foremost among these is the hymn Rock of Ages, written by Augustus Toplady in 1776. Amusingly, it was originally published in Gospel Magazine along with an article about the national economy. There Toplady argued that Great Britain's national debt had grown so large that Parliament could never hope to pay it back; likewise our debt of sin is so great that we have no hope of being free from it by our own actions. It is only through the sacrifice of Christ that we can be saved from our sins. Even as we fasted during Lent, we sang this song and are reminded that our fasting, prayers, and offerings have no power to redeem us; we sing to Christ, "Thou must save and Thou alone!" We now rejoice in this Easter season because we experience Christ’s salvation and resurrection.