Glenview Elementary: Sunday (Aug 6th) Trinity and other congregations will gather at Glenview elementary. As there is a lot of stress and chaos at the beginning year we want to shower the school and our community with prayer. Continue to pray for the students, teachers, and staff throughout the year.

Youth: This past month the youth participated in water games on the campus. We went through 300 water balloons in just under an hour. It was a great time of fellowship and competition. Please continue to pray and support our youth as many of them have busy lives.

Immersion: David and Sarah Klimkowski have worked tirelessly on preparing the 1245 house for ministry and it was evident that their work bore fruit as the immersion residents worked to transform Trinity into a beautiful wedding chapel for the Klimkowski wedding. Trinity is currently constructing another bedroom and bathroom in the basement of 1207 so that we may assist more young leaders.  Furthermore, we will be replacing the HVAC unit at 1207 as it needs attention and is environmentally outdated. If you are interested in helping please see Pastor Mike.

Music Ministry: The past month we have organized our sanctuary differently to bring the praise band and congregants closer together. Thank you for being willing to try a new arrangement. In the weeks to follow we will move back to a more traditional configuration of seating and the musicians will lead from the platform. We are grateful that Johnathan Rich is helping run the sound.


Prayer Requests: Chuck & Matthew Roselli, Susie Bean, Beatrice More, Amy and Tiffany, Karen Larios, Steve Clyde, Ed Underhill, Wanda and Melvin Blair, Norm and Betty Ritchie, Richard and Sarah Reeves, Deanie Farish, Jeneda Briley, Tony Watts, Linda Tate, and David Brown.