Compassionate Ministries: Through the Kroger rewards program the Church is receiving $67.89 for this quarter. This money will go towards our compassionate ministries. We are building an outdoor library that will serve our community to promote literacy and education. If you have any questions about the Kroger rewards program or the library please see the compassionate ministries leader Sarah Fortner.

NMI: Last year Trinity helped send Micah Palmer to the Near East. Wednesday (6/28), she reported on her ministry journey. We were encouraged to hear about how God used her to encourage other Christians and minister to all around her. Please continue to pray for her and her husband as they continue to follow God’s calling on their lives.

Music Scholarships: Trinity's music lessons have come to a close and the recital was a success! We heard 2 students play guitar and 6 students play piano. Thank you to all who participated and supported this ministry. Please continue to pray that the students will continue pursuing music as well as serving God with their new talents as worship leaders. We hope to do lessons again in the winter.

SDMI: On June 18, Scarlett and David were baptized. This ritual welcomed them into the family of God and looks forward to the time when they will commit their lives to God. It also called family, friends, and church to continually disciple and teach them as they grow as well as support Ryan and Carla. We also celebrated Aly joining Trinity as a new Church member. We are grateful for her participation in the life of Church. All of this is possible because of the Church’s willingness to disciple.

Prayer Requests: Chuck & Matthew Roselli, Susie Bean, Beatrice More, Amy and Tiffany, Karen Larios, Steve Clyde, Ed Underhill, Wanda and Melvin Blair, Norm and Betty Ritchie, Richard and Sarah Reeves, Deanie Farish, Jeneda Briley, Tony Watts, Linda Tate, and David Brown.