As we have continued through this series in Acts, we are continually faced with the astonishing Acts of the Apostles. From Peter’s sermons to Paul’s trials, we have heard and seen the Spirit move through ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Now we are faced with the audacious task of not just hearing the Word of God, but letting it transform us. The challenge has been set before us multiple times: How do we participate in the Kingdom of God? The Church Universal has struggled with this question since Pentecost and I assure you that Trinity Church of the Nazarene has wrestled with this as well. We have looked at our vision, our community, and our resources to discover how we can do the work of Church. Generally in a newsletter we list out all the activities of the previous month. This month we are going to do something slightly different. Listed below is general information about the church’s ministry. You are encouraged to contact any of the people below to get involved. We also ask that you partner with us in prayer. Thank you for all that you are doing and will do for the Kingdom.

Compassionate Ministries: Community garden, food pantry, coat drives, and ER gift bags. Contact: Sarah Fortner

Faculty of Hope: New ministry asking congregants to commit to 6 weeks where they will teach a class based on their own unique skill or passion to the community.

Contact: Pastor Mike Proctor

Glencliff Connection: Collaboration between Glencliff and Trinity to reach those who speak Spanish in our Community. Contact Pastor Amanda Sparrow

Immersion Homes: Relieving anxieties and creating community.

Contact: Pastor Mike Proctor

Music Ministry: Instruments, singing, lights and sound, video and recording.

Contact: Jesse Fortner

Nursery and Children’s Ministry: Providing a safe place for children to learn and grow.

Contact: Kristy Proctor

NMI: Nazarene Missions International is a great way to participate outside the local area.  Ebooks and LINKS missionary for Trinity is Tim Eby.  Contact:  Sarah Klimkowski

SDMI Discipleship: Small groups for all ages to learn more about God and the Church.

Contact: Kristy Proctor

Trevecca Connection: Connecting college students with a local family of God.

Contact: Pastor Ryan Jolley

Youth Ministry: Weekly Bible lessons and monthly activities.

Contact: Johnathan Rich or Justin Ellison 

All other inquiries: Contact the church at


Prayer Requests:

Susie Bean, Beatrice More, Ed Underhill,

Brett Ellison, Jenny & Brandon Ellison,

Amy and Tiffany and all Missionaries,

Pastors Rudy Herika and family

Donna Scurlock’s sister and niece (Rhoda & Gloria),

Katherine Medley’s brother-in-law (Elsie Cogdel), Sunshine, Joshua Ray,

Wanda and Melvin Blair,

Sherman Waters, Betty and Norm Ritchie,

Sarah and Richard Reeves,

Jeneda Briley, Tony Watts, Linda Tate, Chuck & Matthew Roselli, David Brown

District Leaders: Larry Leonard, Jeff Sexton, and Eduardo Lelli