Greetings to you in Christ. Spring is in the air.  The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing.  Trinity worships our Creator and celebrates with all creation the signs of new and abundant life.  Below are some of the great opportunities for you to get involved and celebrate at Trinity.

Immersion Homes: We are pleased to have Kelly Boyer join the immersion ministry, and it is a joy to see her growing as a leader in the Kingdom.  There are still some painting and cleaning work that needs to be accomplished before Kelly is able to move into the house.  We are setting aside Tuesdays in April (4/4, 4/11, 4/18, and 4/25) as workdays to get it ready by the end of April. If you would like to assist, then contact Pastor Mike Proctor.

Compassionate Ministries: We are planting some vegetable plants around the church campus. These can be used as an educational tool for all ages. The produce from them can be used for Wednesday night gatherings, Immersion residents, and to add to our food pantry and food boxes. In the near future, we would like to build a “Free Little Library” near the school bus stop on Saturn Dr. We also want to look into the possibility of an overhang for the library structure in order to help in case of inclement weather for bus riders. Please see Sarah Fortner if you are interested any participating in the gardening work or the building of the library.

Music Lessons: Eleven students are involved and practicing hard in order to learn their respective instruments. Please continue to pray for teachers Haydn Palmer and Dylan Proctor as they are preparing lessons and interacting with the students. Also pray that the students will have open minds, the commitment, and the will to continue practicing and become more proficient in their instruments.  Thank you for your support and I hope you are excited as I am to see how the students progress!

Youth: This past month Haydn Palmer and Jesse Fortner led the Nerf event while Justin and Pastor Amanda were in Dyersburg sharing the Gospel. The event was great, and all had an awesome time. Nashville Grace Church of the Nazarene came to our location in order to fellowship with us while flinging foam darts at one another. Thank you Haydn and Jesse for your leadership.

5PM Service: As we continue to partner with Glenncliff we look to the future of this ministry. Pray with us that the coming April 22 yard/craft sale will facilitate conversation and relationships that will lead people to services and ultimately God’s love. Pastor Rudy Larios and Pastor Amanda have encouraged both congregations not to give up, but to look toward Jesus for strength and guidance as we partner with each other to reach the community.

NMI: Mission books are available online and children’s books are available at the church. We have raised about $100 for Alabaster offering. See Sister Sarah Crane for books or if you need online assistance.

Prayer Requests: Norm & Betty Ritchie, Jeneda Briley, Linda Tate, Chuck Roselli, Ruth Poole, Richard Reeves, Wanda Blair, Cecil & Louise Jones, Susie Bean, Ed Underhill, Rev. Paul Hamblin, Sunshine, Elizabeth Quinoniz, Beatrice More, Micah Palmer, Amy and Tiffany, and Katherine Medley.