A Thrill of Hope: Sunday, December 2nd is the first Sunday in Advent. In celebrating Advent we will follow the Nazarene church’s devotional a Thrill of Hope. The devotional can be purchased for $6. The book contains daily devotionals from the first Sunday of Advent through Christmas day. The sermons on Sunday and Wednesday night fellowship will follow these themes as well.

Thanksgiving: This past month we, as a church family, celebrated Thanksgiving. On Sunday Nov 18th, we shared in a meal and fellowship. A special thank you to Donna and Gail for making sure the meal was a success. We celebrated again at the 5PM service on Nov, 25th. Thank you Eva for cooking and serving the meal. Trinity is blessed with so many who work to serve others. 

NMI: This past month we took up our Thanksgiving Offering, which goes to help the various international ministries of the Church of the Nazarene. Thank you to all who gave. This month the mission’s focus is compassionate ministries. If you would like to learn more about how the local church is serving others please see Sarah Fortner. For more information about how the international church is involved in compassionate ministries see Kristy Proctor.

NYI: Our youth continue to meet on Sundays at 5PM for a time of prayer, Bible study, and games. Pastor Johnathon and Justin lead the services. For many this is the only time when they encounter the story of God and fellowship with believers. Please continue to pray for this ministry.


Looking Forward

2nd: First Sunday of Advent and Hanging of the Greens

5th: Hanukah Celebration

9th: Second Sunday of Advent

14th @ 5pm: The Story of Saint Nicholas, dinner and service

16th: Third Sunday of Advent

23rd: Fourth Sunday of Advent

26th: No Wednesday Service