Advent: December was full of activities. We hung greens around the church, sang Christmas carols to the neighborhood, and ate latkes. We shared the story of Christ’ birth by gathering around a manger while donkeys, goats, and even a llama watched. Services were held at the Church and in homes around Nashville. We prepared for His coming and rejoiced at His birth. Now it is the Christmas season. Even when the decorations come down and the wrapping paper is thrown away, may we treasure all that has happened and continue to live in the power of Immanuel, God is with us.

Youth: Pastor Johnathon has been working with our youth during the 5PM service. Through this service and other activities the youth have been encouraged and ministered. Justin and Johnathon are planning special events for the future. Please continue to pray for the young people of our community.

Compassionate Ministries: For Thanksgiving, many in the congregation donated coats, scarves, and gloves to Room in the Inn. During Advent, donations were made to fund Kroger cards. These cards went to international students who could not return home for the winter break. Thank you to all who participated. The church and community is truly thankful.

Immersion: The Immersion program continues to reevaluate how to better serve one another, the church, and the community. Cheyenne has recently moved in with Kelly. She will help in children’s ministry. We look forward to how God is using all those involved in this ministry.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Susie Bean, Beatrice More, Ed Underhill, Brett Ellison, Jenny & Brandon Ellison, Amy and Tiffany and all Missionaries, Pastors Rudy Herika and family, Donna Scurlock’s sister and niece (Rhoda & Gloria), Sunshine, Joshua Ray, Wanda and Melvin Blair, Bonnie & Sherman Waters, Betty and Norm Ritchie, Sarah and Richard Reeves, Jeneda Briley, Tony Watts, Linda Tate, Chuck & Matthew Roselli, David Brown, District Leaders: Larry Leonard, Jeff Sexton, and Eduardo Lelli