Prayer requests.

Please pray for God's Kingdom to come and God's will be done.  Renewal in the Church.

Levi Grubb (Teen Friend of the Proctor Family)

Cecil and Louise Jones & Family (Ryan Jolley's grandparents)

Ruth Poole & Ms. Klausner

Richard Reeves & Family

Donna Scurlock 

Beatrice More

Derek Proctor

Donnie Scurlock

Suzy Bean

Deborah Gamel

Brandon and Jenny Ellison

Katherine Medley's Family

David Brown & Family (Carla's Stepdad)

Ryan and Carla Jolley

Rev. Norm & Betty Ritchie

Rev. Sherman Waters

Brittany and Cameron Savage

Bill Crane Sr.

Annalizia Cordova

Melvin and Wanda Blair

Matthew Roselli

Leland Miller (Leukemia)

Emily Fortner and twins (Alexander and Celeste)

Sophie Horton (child with fluid build up)

Loyl Clyborn

Margie King

Ryan, Kylie, and Graylynn

Juan, Briza, Sirangel, Naomi, Rebecca

Basem Salep

Please pray for your pastor(s).  The following pastors are also on the prayer request list :  Joe Coleman (Saturn Drive), Nick Deford (Florida), Alan Cook (Alabama), Dylan Proctor (Joelton) Jack Oden (Whites Creek), Brien and Cheryl (California) Paul and Carolyn Hamblin (Clarksdale, Mississippi), Tommy Hockaday (Nashville inner-city) Sherman and Bonnie Waters (North Carolina).